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Our horse & carriage company Winter from Salzburg exists already in its third generation and thus has a long experience in the field of horse & carriages. On these pages you will find information on the history of our horse & carriage company Winter, our employees, our horses and our carriages.

Lean mor about the history of our company and how a baker turned into a horse-drawn carriage ride & tour operator.

You have the option to select from several carriages with different size and appearance.

And to round off your overall impression you can have a look at our horses.

Have fun on a journey of discovery with the horse-drawn carriages from our company family Winter!

Our history

Franz Winter (Grandfather)
Born on 22.03.1898, died 25.11.1975, was a trained master baker and saddled in 1924 to the profession of horse-drawn carriages because he was not particularly enthusiastic about getting up early.

He led the operation for 37 years until 1961. In his time he drove the carriage with one horse, this horse was also used for various other works (eg for the transport of wood and gravel). In winter, the horse was given to a farmer because the maintenance would have been too expensive, or it was sold and then a new horse was bought in spring.

Franz Winter sen. (Father),
born on 19.01.1938, a trained locksmith took over from his father in 1961.

He drove with one horse up to the early 70’s and then turned to the company to operate with two horses. He led the operation with a total of five horses until 1996, when he retired. But until now, he could not quite separate from the company and still helps out with joy, together with his wife Franziska.

Franz Winter jun.,
born on 02.12.1975, is the second born in the family after his sister. After primary school he began a training as plumbing, gas and heating installer and roofer. After completion of the training and having completed military service in the Austrian army, he took over in 1996 because his sister showed no interest in the business.

Since 1998 he is married to his wife Barbara, whom he has known since childhood. She also works daily, before and after their work, in the company. Currently available in the “Winter’s” barn located in the Moosstraße since the mid-1980s,are fourteen Haflinger horses, ten mares and four geldings.


Our employees

Norbert Kofler
Norbert Kofler
Is the longest time a Winter coachman sitting on the carriage for more than 30 years. Previously he has driven in every free minute, now he is only driving pre-ordered rides & tours and every Sunday at the Residence Square. Full-time he is working in the shipping department Wildenhofer where he supervises the entire IT.
Marin Banacan
Marin Banacan
Our “Pepi” is driving thehorse-drawn carriage more than 10 years already and looks after our horses every Saturday and at pre-ordered trips. His main job is in the office of province of Salzburg and the horse-drawn carriages arejust a hobby, like going to the gym.
Franz Plank
Franz Plank
The “long” Franz is working as a coachman with us since January 2007. Although he was hired as an assistant coach at other companies for many years, it has let him to us very late. In addition to his profession as a horse-drawn carriage driver Franz is a real “club freak” and diligent in use at the camaraderie.
Wolfgang Maier
Wolfgang Maier
Our second Wolfgang is working as a horse-drawn carriage driver with us from October 2005 until the end of 2013, but still helping out as a pensioner. As a skilled businessman he is a good judge of people and always has an open ear for concerns and problems. In his spare time he goes swimming and loves the sauna.
Philipp Wopenka (our „Schnitzal“)
Philipp Wopenka (our „Schnitzal“)
Philipp is working with us since March 2015. Having gained an insight into several other occupations, he has now found his profession with us. He likes to cook in his spare time and to play with his games console.

Our horses

In Winter’s” stable, in the Salzburg Moosstrasse, we take care of fourteen Haflinger.

The mares; Belinda, Dora, Paula, Lotte, Heidi, Ambra, Stodessa, Goldmarie, Felicia, Fiodora; and the geldings; Burli, welan, Novus7, Stern; be well looked after there.

A work day begins at six clock in the morning with the mucking out of the stall and the breakfast for the horses. Then the horses are brushed again , bridled and then set off to the city center at around 10 o’clock.

After one day of work two days of rest and relaxation are on the programme.

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Our horse-drawn carriages

The perfect horse-drawn carriage for every occasion!
Ideal for horse-drawn rides & tours or for your wedding we offer one of the six carriages:

  • The blue Landauer
  • The bright Landauer
  • The braided Visà-Vis
  • And the 3 VisàVis in different shades of brown
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And if more people are to be transported, one of our company cars:

  • The small company horse-drawn carriage
  • The big company horse-drawn carriage
  • The second big company horse-drawn carriage
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